• Certificación ISAPS 2015
  • Consejo Méxicano de Cirugía Plástica Estética
  • cirugia plastica segura
  • International Plastic Recontructive Aesthetic Surgery

Certifications Held

Despite the Fact Dr. Speziale Has Conducted More Than 10,000 Surgical Procedures During His Long Professional Career, His Full Commitment and Personal Approach With Each Patient Allows Him to Earn Their Trust and Loyalty.

Dr. Speziale’s Professional Experience
Dr. Manlio Speziale

Dr. Speziale is one of the most higly regarded certified plastic surgeons in la paz and los cabos, mexico being in the top 5 countries where the most plastic surgery procedures take place in the world, according to isaps(international society of aesthetic plastic surgery) statistics. His extensive professional experience spans more than three decades; his continuos training in groundbreaking plastic surgery techniques and treatments; his outstanding results and his warm and personal disposition towards his patients, have earned him a remarkable reputation. His success cannot only be accredited to his natural talents, his constant training and vast experience but it is also because of his passion in everything he does.

More about Dr. Speziale

  • Certified Plastic Surgeon by the CMCPER. (Mexican Board in Plastic Surgery)
  • Standing member of the Mexican Association of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AMCPER).
  • Standing Member of the International Association of Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
  • Continuos Training in the Latest Techniques and Treatments in Plastic Surgery.
  • Member of the ISAPS (International Association of Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery) Since 1989.
  • Great commitment to deliver a personalized treatment for each individual.

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